Monday, July 24, 2017

The Uneasiest Alliance of the Far Right

In far-right political circles, there is an uneasy alliance between a number of discordant factions that can only seem to agree on one thing: namely, that European peoples and cultures must be preserved, which means that mass immigration into the West must end. There are perhaps no two factions more divided than traditionalist Christians and heathens, pagans, or whatever other term one might prefer to use. Naturally, one might expect Christians and pagans to not get along very well and with good reason, but both should be able to agree that Europe should not be reduced to being the Afro-Asian Islamic State of Europe. Christians may be seeking to preserve Christendom while pagans think Europe will eventually become pagan again, but both scenarios equally require that Europe remain in the hands of native peoples, not Third World imports. Despite common ground, however, these two factions are consistently at odds with each other.

It would be all too easy to assume that the two sides are equally responsible for any animosity, incessantly poking and prodding each other, but that is usually not the case at all. Instead, one regularly finds that it is pagans leveling accusations that Christians are "basically Jews" who "worship a kike on a stick." Indeed, in the name of their "foreign Jew god," Christians and their religion, "Judaism 2: Crucifixion Boogaloo,"  are directly or indirectly responsible for every ill that plagues modern Europe, or so their accusations go. Traditionalist Christians are regularly told that they need to convert because paganism is strong while their faith is weak, and such comments need not be prompted by anything other than a Christian mentioning Christianity.

There are some obvious problems with such allegations. Firstly, Jesus referred to the Pharisees as the offspring of Satan who knew neither Him nor the Father (John 8:42-47), and it was the Pharisees that would become what we know as Jews and Rabbinic Judaism today. Secondly, by the time of Jesus, at least some portion of the Hebrews were not Hebrews at all but were instead Edomites who had converted to one of the Hebraic sects. For example, the Herodian Dynasty descended from Antipater the Idumaean, Idumaea being home of the Edomites. This is important because Revelation 3:9 references members of the "synagogue of Satan" who say they are Judaeans but are not. Third, it was the Pharisaic Jews who killed Jesus, and the Church traditionally recognized them as Christ-killers. That is why the "list of 109 places that have kicked out Jews" is example after example of Christian kingdoms and cities forcing Jews from their domains. It was Pope Paul IV who taxed Jews in Rome to build a ghetto in which they were forced to live, who made them wear yellow so they were recognizable to everyone, and limited what occupations they could hold within the confines of Rome. Finally, it is Catholics who have a heritage of battling Jews and Muslims, not pagans.

Beyond these and other holes in the anti-Christian argument, there is the simple fact of the matter that allies have to actually be allied for any alliance to work. Why should traditionalist Christians care about working with pagans if the latter cannot stop "punching right"? If pagans use every opportunity to attack traditionalist Christians and engage in their own form of proselytizing, why should anyone waste the breath trying to claim they are allies in the fight to save Europe? Allies obviously need not agree on everything, but they most certainly do not spend more time attacking their own side than attacking the enemy. Allies do not speak of a need to "purge" their alliance of Christians lest they "subvert the movement." If pagans wish to invade nearly every thread of traditionalist Christians within the Alt-Right to regurgitate the same tired fighting words, then they should not be surprised when they are indeed taken as fighting words. Before going down that rabbit hole any further, however, they should remember that the West is overwhelmingly Christian, and it is far easier to lead a liberal Christian to traditional Christianity than to convince them to LARP as a viking. If pagans want to rely on an Atheist-Pagan alliance to save the West, so be it. But they need to admit to everyone and to themselves then that they have no intention of actually fixing anything.


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  1. Golly....but what if/when non-white/non-European Christians want to move to the west? Christianity started as a branch off 1st century Judaism, the earliest followers being Jews and meeting in synagogues.

    It's highly unlikely that enough "scary darkies" (as you'd probably label them) could ever remove caucasians as the majority in Europe.

    And even then, if they do, so what? I am a white guy of English and Irish ancestry. But that doesn't define who I am. My deeds do that. Furthermore if I needed a transfusion of blood frankly I don't care what the person's skin color is. Does that really matter to you? If it does, ask yourself if that's really compatible with the Gospel of Christ (who by the way is a Jew).

    1. First, Christians are called to carry the Gospel to the nations of the world. Christians are not called to combine what God divided. Why do you assume non-Europeans would need to move to Europe, or that they have some sort of right to do so?

      Second, no, Christianity did not start as a branch of Judaism. "Judaism" did not exist until much later. There were multiple sects in Judaea at the time. It was the Pharisaic sect that would become Judaism, and it was the Pharisees that Jesus said were not of God (John 8:42-47).

      Third, save your fallacious nonsense about "scary darkies." Irish people are set to be a minority in Ireland by 2050, and Britons are set to be a minority in Britain by 2066. You are either ignorant or dishonest.

      Fourth, why do you support the destruction of what God created? You cannot claim to support diversity when you actually support destroying diversity—what God created—on a global scale.

      Fifth, Jesus was not a "Jew," which is a Middle English word that carried a distinct meaning and application in the Middle Ages. When the word came into use, it applied to a genetic bottleneck in Europe (why Ashkenazi are all cousins) and a religion that had developed through the 12th century. Jesus was not even a Judaean. He was Galilean.

      Sixth, it is interesting that you reference a blood transfusion rather than an organ or bone marrow transplant, which both expose that race is actually quite important.

      Finally, you are obviously not very familiar with the Word. God divided mankind, created the nations, and set their boundaries. You reduce it to "skin color" so that you can avoid the issue, but race is more than just skin color. Otherwise, an albino African would be a Caucasoid, but it clearly does not work that way. God created unique peoples, and you seek to destroy them with your hedonistic ideal of individualism.